About Us
We are industry leaders in developing and providing software automation systems, with over 30 years experience in device protocol communications.
Our Products
ICE - Insight Communications Engine
Our ICE system is a multiple protocol I/O server, capable of capturing information from any meter you have in service. ICE is a communication coordinator, capable of communicating with multiple efm's simultaneously. Including but not limited to ABB TotalFlow, Fisher ROC, SCADAPack/RealFLO, Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, PCS Plunger Lift Controller, and Flow Automation.
Asset Trakker
Asset Trakker is a web based system that allows metered equipment information to be viewed from any where in the world! An indispensable tool for anyone in your oil and gas operation. Asset Trakker collects the data and presents it in a uniform easy to read format. Our trending and report options will help you see through the data providing a clear picture of your system's performance.